Yancey Quinones

Yancey’s (Childhood) Instacart Route

Yancey Quinones grew up in Cypress Park adjacent to the LA River. One of his jobs as a boy was to do the food shopping for senior citizens in the neighborhood. Some might even say he was an early pioneer of Instacart!

Yancey learned how to navigate a safe route on his bike and how to save money through thrifty shopping—he got to keep the change by finding the best prices for items on the list. 30 years later, Yancey takes us on a tour of his old neighborhood to see what has changed and what remains the same.

Yancey Quinones is the founder and owner of Antigua Coffee House, located in his hometown of Cypress Park. Hailing from a Guatemalan coffee growing family, via his mother and after traveling to Guatemala in the early 2000s and working in the coffee fields, Quinones dreamed of opening up his own coffee house. Today, Antigua is one of the few spaces in the neighborhood where both longtime residents and newcomers can sit together and connect, standing as a testament to Quinones’ unwavering dedication to coffee and his heritage.